About Jan

Welcome to Jan, a platform that enables you to run self-hosted local AI. Jan provides an OpenAI-equivalent API server at localhost:1337 that can be used as a drop-in replacement with compatible apps.

With Jan, you can:

  • Run open-source LLMs locally or connect to cloud AIs like ChatGPT or Google.
  • Search the web and databases.
  • Integrate AI with everyday tools to work on your behalf (with permission).
  • Customize and add features with Extensions.

Jan is opinionated software about what AI should be.



Jan prioritizes running models on your device, giving you freedom and control. This approach improves performance and reliability by processing data where it's generated.


Jan respects your privacy. We can't see your data, you store your files. This ensures complete control and confidentiality of your information.


Jan is yours to shape. Being open-source, you have access to adjust, tinker with, and even run it offline. Ownership is entirely in your hands.


Jan supports your independence. We don’t lock you into our ecosystem or charge unexpected fees. Our ethics ensure Jan serves you without conditions or constraints.

Why do we exist?

"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." - Isaac Asimov

Jan was founded on the belief that AI should coexist with humans, not replace them. Our mission is to democratize AI access, ensuring everyone can easily utilize it with full ownership and control over their data, free from privacy concerns.

We are committed to creating open, local-first products that extend individual freedom, rejecting dark patterns and ecosystem lock-ins, and embracing an open-source ethos.

What's different: Closed AIs vs. Jan

AspectClosed AIsJan
PhilosophyUser monetizationUser empowerment and privacy
Your RoleConsumerCreator
CustomizationLimited by platformFull customization to meet specific needs
ApproachClosed-sourceOpen-source (AGPLv3)
PrivacyQuestionablePrivate, with enhanced data protection
Self-HostingReliant on provider's infrastructureEnables self-hosting for full control and independence
OwnershipOwned by Big TechOwnership and local folder system
Transparency"Black Box"Fully transparent, open-source, and customizable
DataCloud-basedLocal-first, with server capabilities
Outage ResiliencePotential data hostageContinues to work independently on your device

How to get it?

You can install and start using Jan in less than 5 minutes, from jan.ai (opens in a new tab) or our Github repo (opens in a new tab).

What license is the code under?

Jan is licensed under the AGPLv3 License (opens in a new tab).

We happily accept pull requests, however, we do ask that you sign a Contributor License Agreement (opens in a new tab) so that we have the right to relicense your contributions1.

What was it built with?

Jan (opens in a new tab) is pragmatically built using Typescript at the application level and C++ at the Inference level (which we have refactored into Nitro (opens in a new tab)2).

We follow clean architecture (opens in a new tab) and currently support multiple frameworks and runtimes:

Architecturally, we have made similar choices to the Next.js Enterprise Javascript Stack (opens in a new tab), which is a battle-tested (opens in a new tab) framework for building enterprise-grade applications that scale.

Join the team

Join us on this journey at Jan Labs, where we embrace open-source collaboration and transparency. Together, let's shape a future where Jan becomes an essential companion in the open-source community. Explore careers (opens in a new tab) with us.


Drop us a message in our Discord (opens in a new tab) and we'll get back to you.

  • #general: for general discussion
  • #get-help: for bug reports and troubleshooting
  • #roadmap: for feature requests and ideas



  1. Credit to Discourse's About Page (opens in a new tab)

  2. Credit to Llama.cpp (opens in a new tab), TensorRT-LLM (opens in a new tab), vLLM (opens in a new tab), LMDeploy (opens in a new tab) and more.