Jan is an open-source, self-hosted alternative to OpenAI's platform. It allows you to build, run, and fine-tune (coming soon) on your own desktop or server. Featuring a local API server that mirrors OpenAI's, Jan operates directly from your device (localhost:1337), enabling immediate access to AI capabilities with complete control over your data.

To use Jan, please refer to the quick start guide here (opens in a new tab).

Jan's Basics


Jan lets you run and manage different AI models on your own device. Choose between running AI models locally for privacy, like Llama or Mistral, or connecting to remote APIs, like ChatGPT or Claude. This feature supports customizing and optimizing AI to meet the needs of your projects directly, with a focus on maintaining speed and privacy. You can download and import models directly through Jan Hub, making it easy to expand your AI capabilities.


Jan offers a simple and secure way to manage your AI interaction threads directly on your device. Every interaction with AI through Jan is saved as a thread, allowing you to keep a record of your exchanges. Jan provides tools to sort, remove, or review these threads efficiently. This ensures your AI interaction history is easily accessible, kept private, and well-managed.

Local API Server

Jan’s local API server acts as a drop-in replacement for OpenAI's API, allowing you to run AI models on your own server. This setup offers AI functionality on your local machine, giving you complete control over your data and privacy.


Jan supports multiple inferences, including Llama.cpp, TensorRT-LLM, Mistral API, OpenAI API, Groq API, LM Studio, Ollama, and other OAI-compatible servers.


Jan’s architecture supports a variety of extensions, enabling enhanced functionality and inference options. Each extension is designed to meet specific needs, ensuring that Jan can be tailored to the unique demands of your projects.


Jan integrates with an array of tools and platforms to streamline your workflow. This includes seamless connections with services like Discord, Open Interpreter, Raycast, and OpenRouter.

Assistants (Coming soon)

Jan will soon enable the creation of AI assistants for task automation and response generation. These assistants will be customizable, allowing for various interactions, from simple commands to complex conversations.

Quick Guides