How We Work

Jan operates on open-source principles, giving everyone the freedom to adjust, personalize, and contribute to its development. Our focus is on creating a community-powered ecosystem that prioritizes transparency, customization, and user privacy. For more on our principles, visit our About page (opens in a new tab).


We embrace open development, showcasing our progress and upcoming features on GitHub, and we encourage your input and contributions:

Build in Public

We use GitHub to build in public and welcome anyone to join in.


Our team spans the globe, working remotely to bring Jan to life. We coordinate through Discord and GitHub, valuing asynchronous communication and minimal, purposeful meetings. For collaboration and brainstorming, we utilize tools like Excalidraw (opens in a new tab) and Miro (opens in a new tab), ensuring alignment and shared vision through visual storytelling and detailed documentation on HackMD (opens in a new tab).

Check out the Jan Framework (opens in a new tab) and our desktop client & local server at jan.ai (opens in a new tab), both licensed under AGPLv3 for maximum openness and user freedom.