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April 25th, 2024

Jan now supports Llama3 and Command R+
Jan now supports Llama3 and Command R+

Jan has added compatibility with Meta’s open-source language model, Llama3, through the integration with llamacpp (thanks to @ggerganov (opens in a new tab)).

Additionally, Command R+ is now supported. It is the first open-source model to surpass GPT-4 on the LMSys leaderboard (opens in a new tab).


Import Huggingface models directly

Users can now import Huggingface models into Jan. Simply copy the model’s link from Huggingface and paste it into the search bar on Jan Hub.


Enhanced LaTeX understanding

Jan now understands LaTeX, allowing users to process and understand complex mathematical expressions more effectively.


For more details, see the GitHub release notes (opens in a new tab).