Integrate with Continue VS Code

Continue (opens in a new tab) is an open-source autopilot compatible with Visual Studio Code and JetBrains, offering the simplest method to code with any LLM (Local Language Model).

To integrate Jan with a local AI language model, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Installing Continue on Visual Studio Code

Follow this guide (opens in a new tab) to install the Continue extension on Visual Studio Code.

Step 2: Enable the Jan API Server

To set up Continue for use with Jan's Local Server, you must activate the Jan API Server with your chosen model.

  1. Press the <> button. Jan will take you to the Local API Server section.

  2. Setup the server, which includes the IP Port, Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) and Verbose Server Logs.

  3. Press the Start Server button

Step 3: Configure Continue to Use Jan's Local Server

  1. Go to the ~/.continue directory.

cd ~/.continue

"models": [
"title": "Jan",
"provider": "openai",
"model": "mistral-ins-7b-q4",
"apiKey": "EMPTY",
"apiBase": "http://localhost:1337/v1"

  1. Ensure the file has the following configurations:
  • Ensure openai is selected as the provider.
  • Match the model with the one enabled in the Jan API Server.
  • Set apiBase to http://localhost:1337.
  • Leave the apiKey field to EMPTY.

Step 4: Ensure the Using Model Is Activated in Jan

  1. Navigate to Settings > My Models.
  2. Click the three dots (⋮) button.
  3. Select the Start Model button to activate the model.

How to Use Jan Integration with Continue in Visual Studio Code

1. Exploring Code with Jan

  1. Highlight a code.
  2. Press Command + Shift + M to open the Left Panel.
  3. Click "Jan" at the bottom of the panel and submit your query, such as Explain this code.

2. Enhancing Code with the Help of a Large Language Model

  1. Select a code snippet.
  2. Press Command + Shift + L.
  3. Type in your specific request, for example, Add comments to this code.