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Open Interpreter

Open Interpreter

Integrate Open Interpreter with Jan

Open Interpreter (opens in a new tab) lets LLMs run code (Python, Javascript, Shell, and more) locally. After installing, you can chat with Open Interpreter through a ChatGPT-like interface in your terminal by running interpreter. To integrate Open Interpreter with Jan, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install Open Interpreter

  1. Install Open Interpreter by running:

pip install open-interpreter

  1. A Rust compiler is required to install Open Interpreter. If not already installed, run the following command or go to this page (opens in a new tab) if you are running on Windows:

sudo apt install rustc

The Rust compiler is necessary for building some native extensions that Open Interpreter requires.

Step 2: Configure Jan's Local API Server

Before using Open Interpreter, configure the model in Settings > My Model for Jan and activate its local API server.

Enabling Jan API Server

  1. Click the <> button to access the Local API Server section in Jan.

  2. Configure the server settings, including IP Port, Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS), and Verbose Server Logs.

  3. Click Start Server.

Step 3: Set the Open Interpreter Environment

  1. For integration, provide the API Base (http://localhost:1337/v1) and the model ID (e.g., mistral-ins-7b-q4) when running Open Interpreter. For example, see the code below:

interpreter --api_base http://localhost:1337/v1 --model mistral-ins-7b-q4

Open Interpreter is now ready for use!