Desktop Installation

To install Jan desktop, follow the steps below:


Before installing Jan, ensure :

  • You have a Mac with an Apple Silicon Processor.
  • Homebrew and its dependencies are installed for installing Jan with the Homebrew package.
  • Your macOS version is 10.15 or higher.

Stable Releases

To download stable releases, go to Jan (opens in a new tab) > select Download for Mac.

The download should be available as a .dmg.

Nightly Releases

We provide the Nightly Release so that you can test new features and see what might be coming in a future stable release. Please be aware that there might be bugs!

You can download it from Jan's Discord (opens in a new tab) in the #nightly-builds (opens in a new tab) channel.

Install with Homebrew

Install Jan with the following Homebrew command:

brew install --cask jan


Homebrew package installation is currently limited to Apple Silicon Macs, with upcoming support for Windows and Linux.